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Study: In-Car Cell Phone Use Up; Affects Radio Listening

Study: In-Car Cell Phone Use Up; Affects Radio Listening

It isn’t just satellite radio, MP3 and iPod taking over drivers’ ears in the car. Cell phones, too, siphon a great deal of listening from terrestrial radio.
That’s important as cell phones could someday rival the amount of car radios in use, according to Bridge Ratings, which completed a six-month analysis of in-car phone use and its potential impact on other listening.
The news comes as satellite and HD Radio proponents seek ways to broadcast content to cell phones, as in Sirius’ deal with Sprint.
A wireless company commissioned the Bridge survey as part of a multi-year consumer study.
“The more time a commuter spends talking on their cell phone, the less time they are spending actually listening to the radio,” said Bridge Ratings President Dave Van Dyke.
“We noted that a significant percentage of drivers either turned their radios down or off when engaged in a cell phone call. The implications are clear: the cell phone is vying for true time spent listening in car.”