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Study: Lure of New iPods/MP3 Players Wears Off

Study: Lure of New iPods/MP3 Players Wears Off

For new owners of iPods and MP3 digital music players, use is extremely high and their time spent with traditional radio plummets, especially among those under age 24. However, as time passes, their time spent with radio begins to increase.
That’s according to Bridge Ratings & Research in a new study that involved 3,000 radio listeners.
“Of the persons 12+ and older asked about their digital music player use over the last 30 days,” it stated,” 84% of those who have owned a digital music player for three months say they were using it more they were 3 months ago, while 13% were using it the same amount as they were 3 months ago. 11% of those who have owned digital music devices for more than six months were using the players less than they were 3 months ago.”
Bridge concludes the use of digital music players does not appear to be significantly affecting time spent with traditional radio. In fact, the firms says its research shows 25% of the respondents who owned digital music players more than six months are listening to traditional radio more than they were three months ago and only 8% of this group are listening less.
See the report at the Bridge Web site.