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Study: Radio Can Influence Swing Voters

As the 2014 mid-term election cycle heats up, a survey from political pollster Vox Populi indicates that radio is an especially helpful way to reach undecided swing voters.

Eighty-one percent of swing voters say they listen to AM/FM radio on a regular basis, according to the data. Moreover, voters across the political spectrum report that radio ads are more credible than the ads they see on the Internet by a 56 to 35 margin, which increases to a 62–38 margin among low turnout voters.

“Our research indicates radio is even more effective in reaching those who are undecided or may change their mind before Election Day,” says Vox Populi pollster Brent Seaborn. “Radio should be a key part of any political advertisers’ strategy.”

In the survey commissioned by Katz Media Group, Vox Populi Polling examined how much influence radio has in the electoral marketplace. The sample size for the survey was 1,059 active voters.

Other key findings from the survey include:

● Swing voters spend 10% more time with radio daily than the average American voter
● 67% of swing voters listen to FM regularly, while 14% are exclusively AM radio listeners
● 65% of low turnout Republicans and Democrats say they listen to FM music on a regular basis
● 61% of swing voters agree that radio is a good way for political candidates to reach them

“This research illustrates that radio is both a habitual and influential medium for reaching voters who can make the difference on Election Day,” added Stacey Lynn Schulman, executive vice president of Strategy, Analytics & Research at Katz Media Group. “In the race for credibility, radio outshines online advertising in the minds of still impressionable voters.”