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Study Reports Christian Radio Listeners Are Smart, Wealthy

Study Reports Christian Radio Listeners Are Smart, Wealthy

Christian radio listeners are better educated and make more money than Americans at large, according to Soma Communications, which reported the findings of a Simmons Market Research Bureau study.
One of the questions asked of the respondents concerned radio format listening preferences. Among the 16 choices was “Christian.” According to the study, Christian listeners are 77 percent more likely than average Americans to have a bachelor’s degree. Of the 16 formats listed, Christian radio ranks number two behind variety/full-service formats in reaching the educated crowd. Additionally, Christian listeners are 42 percent more likely to have post-graduate degrees.
Regarding income, 16.7 percent of Americans earn an income of at least $50,000 a year. But when Christian radio listeners are isolated, that number jumps 26 percent higher to 20.2 percent. Four percent of Christian listeners have household incomes of $250,000 or higher.
Soma Communications publishes statistics about Christian radio on its Web site,