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‘Summit’ to Look at What’s Working, What’s Not for EAS

Several faces familiar to broadcasters will be on hand.

Several faces familiar to broadcasters will be on hand for the FCC’s EAS Summit on May 19.

The first panel on that day will focus on the state of EAS, especially system breakdowns in the “daisy chain” as well as ways to improve testing protocols.

Panelists include Ann Arnold, chair of the Texas State Emergency Communications Committee and executive director of the Texas Association of Broadcasters; CBS Radio’s Mark Manuelian, who is PEP Advisory Committee director and chair of the Massachusetts SECC; and C. Patrick Roberts, chair of the Florida SECC and president of his state’s broadcast association.

Anther panel will focus on next-generation technologies and explore what policies and protocols should be implemented to ensure compatibility between implementation of the Common Alert Protocol and state government operations.

The discussion will focus on what states need to do to ensure that state, county and local emergency response systems are functional. Among the panelists: Clay Freinwald, the chair of the Washington SECC and radio frequency systems engineer for Entercom; and Art Botterell, manager of the community warning system for Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office in California.