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SurgeX Gets Sequential With SX2120

SurgeX Gets Sequential With SX2120

The SX2120-SEQ from New Frontier Electronics provides guaranteed surge protection and power conditioning for up to 14 pieces of audio, video, broadcast and computer equipment. The unit has been also designed to sequentially power up and down electronic devices in separate groups.
Housed in a 2RU metal chassis, the SX2120-SEQ’s rear panel features 14 standard grounded AC receptacles. These are divided into three individual banks of four 120 V outlets, plus two receptacles that are always on.
A Phoenix terminal block connecter is also found on the rear of the unit, permitting remote control via momentary switches, latching switches or applied voltage (5-30VDC). Remote control inputs and outputs are protected against short-circuit, overload and reverse polarity.
All functions and time delays are programmable through interactive menus shown on the LCD display, with all setup adjustments stored in non-volatile memory.
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