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Surround Sound Comes to the Smartphone

SRS pairs up with Samsung on new phone

Surround sound company SRS Labs is bringing its SRS WideSurround scheme to the new Samsung Continuum Galaxy S smartphone.

The idea behind this “first commercial deployment” inclusion is that smartphones are more than simple rudimentary communication devices handling a limited range voice signal for a short period of time. Rather, smartphones handle music, loud websites and even video programming, all demanding a more immersive media experience.

The company calls this the “first complete surround sound solution designed specifically for smartphones equipped with stereo speakers.”

Allen H. Gharapetian, vice president of marketing for SRS Labs, stated in the announcement: “Today’s smartphones either carry or have access to massive libraries of songs, movies and TV shows but, unfortunately, almost all of these mobile devices suffer the drawback of collapsed audio, due to their small and closely spaced speaker configurations … As a result, it’s nearly impossible to experience an immersive surround experience from a mobile device.

“To address this inherent shortcoming, we have developed SRS WideSurround, which eliminates this challenge and effectively delivers a compelling and dynamic audio experience through the phone’s built-in stereo speakers.”