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Survey Says Mid-Sized Newsrooms Affected Most by Layoffs

Survey Says Mid-Sized Newsrooms Affected Most by Layoffs

A survey by News Generation found that nearly three out of four radio stations and networks have experienced layoffs or consolidations in the last year.
News Generation is a PR company that specializes in radio. It sampled 50 news people in 50 markets.
Asked how stations have handled work with fewer reporters, 77 percent said they have had to take on extra work, while others say they’ve had to rely on affiliates or re-arrange their schedules.
For most newsrooms, it found, layoffs and consolidations result in less time to prepare for news reports. The survey also said layoffs and consolidations have most affected stations with 10 to 25 reporters in their newsroom. Newsrooms with smaller operations of one to three reporters, and larger ones with more than 25 have been less affected.
Other highlights: 39 percent of respondents said they look for content that is timely and local, when newsgathering off Web sites; and the top five Web sites reporters visit are those of AP, ABC News, CBS News, UPI and the Wall Street Journal.