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Survey Shows Rise in Norway Digital Listening

Latest study demonstrates increase in DAB acceptance and awareness

According to the most recent TNS Gallup survey, six out of 10 households now listen to DAB radio digital radio in Norway.

The results, which cover the fourth quarter of 2015, show that there are about 2.8 million DAB radios in Norway, with 60 percent of Norwegian households owning at least one DAB receiver. Ole Jørgen Torvmark, Digitalradio Norge general manager, points out that DAB radio receivers are becoming common in households, and these latest results emphasize the shift in digital radio consumption habits.

“The survey demonstrates that quality sound and more choice are two important factors in drawing people toward DAB, said Torvmark. “The report also says that 26 percent of listeners here have radio in the car.”

The survey in addition revealed that 57 percent of listeners turn to radio daily via a digital platform (DAB, Internet or television), and that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the digital radio transition the country will make in 2017.

“Eighty-six percent of consumers are aware that we will transition from FM to digital radio next year, while 94 percent know of the existence of DAB radio receivers and 82 percent know that there are DAB radio solutions for automobiles,” said Torvmark.

“Providing practical information to the public is mandatory when making such a large digital shift, so its reassuring to see that there are already many who are aware of the changes and devices availalable,” he concluded.