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Survey: Talk Radio Isn’t Just for the Right

Survey: Talk Radio Isn't Just for the Right

Talk radio has an impact, according to a survey by Arbitron.
It found that a quarter of Pennsylvania voters who consider themselves independents said talk radio programs help them form opinions on current issues.
“This survey also shows that half of Republicans and nearly a third (30 percent) of Democrats in Pennsylvania also believe that talk radio programs influence their views on current issues,” it stated.
“The common impression is that talk radio attracts a conservative Republican audience, but the research shows that voters of all persuasions listen to talk radio. Self-described independents make up the largest segment of talk listeners with 41 percent of the audience; Republicans follow with 31 percent; and Democrats with 26 percent,” the company stated.
Arbitron said the survey suggests that radio could “serve a more effective role in the political media mix.”