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Switchcraft EH Series Mount in Panels

Switchcraft EH Series Mount in Panels

Switchcraft is making a line of EH series audio/video/data panel mount connectors.
In a single-panel cutout, users can mount more than the standard male and female XLR audio connector. The NPB 560 Broadcast Series adds USB, Firewire, video (BNC, SVHS), RCA, 9- and 15-pin D sub and 3.5 mm stereo options in the same footprint as an XLR connector.
The NPB555 EZ Norm jack panel allows users to change normalling of a Bantam/TT Patchbay. The user can change normals by removing a center strip on the panel and turning a screw on the selected jack to select between full, half and no normalling.
Switchcraft also has reintroduced its AAA line of XLR male and female in line audio connectors. The line features an integral chuck, one-piece construction and bigger solder cups. No special tools are required to assemble or service the connector.
Info: visit the company’s Web site.