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SX-1 Is a Feature-Packed Production Studio

SX-1 Is a Feature-Packed Production Studio

Aimed at commercial recording studios, broadcast production, high-end project studios and sound for picture post production, the SX-1 Digital Production Environment from Tascam is a professional music and audio production studio in one package.
Unlike a component-based system, the features of the SX-1 were designed to work together as a single unit. The use interface was built to complement the digital mixer and recording tools.
Features include a flexible 40 input, 32x8x8 digital mixing console with 100mm touch-sensitive faders, built-in dynamic automation and 16 high-quality phantom-powered mic preamps. A full-function 48 kHz, 24-bit, 16-track hard disk recorder has an internal disk drive; additional IDE and SCSI drives can be added via front-panel slot or rear-panel SCSI interface. Future support is in place for 88.2/96 kHz recording.
The SX-1 provides highly integrated waveform, MIDI and automation date editing via an internal recording/editing engine using an audio-optimized operating system and a powerful graphics engine.
Other features include surround sound mixing capabilities; 128-track MIDI sequencer with advanced editing modes available on-the-fly; built-in CD-RW drive for creating Red Book CDs of stereo mixes, printing surround mixes, data backup and archiving and importing sounds from audio or date CDs; and DSP plug-in technology with built-in effects by TC Works, Antares and Tascam.
Although designed as a standalone unit, the SX-1 is compatible with other studio components and uses Broadcast Wave as its native file format. It is compatible with Sound Designer II audio files via its SCSI port and expansion bay.
Price: $8,999, not including optional monitor.
For more information from Tascam, contact the company in California at (323) 726-0303; or visit on the World Wide Web.