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Symetrix Adds Orion to Studio Matrix DSP Line, Cites Broadcast Uses

Symetrix Adds Orion to Studio Matrix DSP Line, Cites Broadcast Uses

Symetrix adds the Orion 8×8 analog I/O D SP to its Air Tools Studio Matrix series of modular audio DSP, and says it is suitable for applications within a broadcast facility.
The line includes devices for AGC, compression, filtering, EQ and mixing, as well as processing modules for logic and dynamic logical control.
The company says Orion’s release coincides with the V2.0 upgrade of the Studio Matrix Designer application for design and control of audio systems.
The software is based on SymNet Designer for installation sound. It lets the user see virtual versions of audio devices, such as mixers and parametric and graphic EQs, and drag them onto the software’s grid area. Audio pathways are created by drawing lines and connecting inputs to outputs onscreen.
The Orion hardware has eight line-level analog I/Os, which the company says is useful in applications such as gain control of satellite chains, EQ and filtering of phone hybrids, news and production room situations and management of multiple mic signals in a talk studio.
The company says networking multiple units yields a larger processing system. Audio routing is handled via the SymLink bus, an interconnect that supports the exchange of up to 64 channels of audio and control over CAT-5 cable.