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Symetrix Cuts the Bleep Out

Symetrix Cuts the Bleep Out

The 6100 Broadcast Audio Delay will be the first product offered in the Symetrix AirTools family.
The unit is a 24-bit digital delay unit designed for live broadcast that prevents profanity or unwanted comments from reaching the airwaves.
As the program begins, the 6100 gradually and unobtrusively delays, or “stretches out,” the program feed and can store a maximum of 20 seconds of full-bandwidth stereo audio in memory. Users can prevent offensive material from broadcasting by dumping the 6100’s buffer.
For example, if a radio caller says something the host or producer deems inappropriate for broadcast, he or she presses the “Dump Profanity” button. The 6100 clears its memory and the unwanted material never reaches the airwaves.
After the “Dump Profanity” button has been pressed, the 6100 automatically begins to stretch the program audio again until the full delay is attained. The 6100 also features automation interface for network broadcasts.
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