Symetrix Ships Master Clock; Cites Harris for Dealer Honor

Symetrix Ships Master Clock; Cites Harris for Dealer Honor
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Symetrix says it has begun shipping the Lucid GENx192 a master clock that provides low-jitter reference from an internal oscillator. It also can distribute an external word clock or AES signal via its 14 outputs. Internally, it handles standard sampling frequencies up to 192 kHz.
The GENx192 distributes external rates between 28 Hz and 216 Hz, and cleans up external clocks with Jitter Input Filtering to remove jitter before sending it to the outputs. Its 14 outputs are split into two groups of seven, each capable of generating an independent multiple of the base frequency. Thus, it is capable of simultaneously generating two frequencies, such as 96 kHz and 192 kHz.
Separately, the company said it has named Harris as its Broadcast Dealer of the Year for its AirTools line of products. The award is based on high dollar sales volume in 2005. The AirTools brand was added in 2001 as a vehicle to target the special needs of professional broadcasters.