TAG Launches Updated Web Site

TAG Launches Updated Web Site
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Transamerica Audio Group has revised its Website, www.transaudiogroup.com. TAG represents Drawmer, Brauner, SoundField, Soundelux, API, ATI, FMR and AEA products. The updated Website includes information on these manufacturers, as well as news and audio tips. Transamerica also helps launch DrawmerUSA.com, BraunerUSA.com and SoundFieldUSA.com Web sites, all of which open in new windows directly from the TAG site.
Features of the Web site include custom-written product descriptions for each product that detail how the product is used and who uses it, as well as application notes. Much of the information found on the site is not available elsewhere. Regular features will include “Brad’s Op Ed section,” which will provide insights from Transamerica Audio’s President, Brad Lunde. Another feature, “The Audio Underground,” provides information and updates about a coalition of audio companies.
For more information, visit www.transaudiogroup.com, or call the company at (702) 365-5155.