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Take Aim With ‘BP Blaster’

Zippi submits its iPhone gaming app to Apple

by Leslie Stimson

 This is fun. Applications company Zippi Networks has submitted a mobile gaming application, “BP Blaster,” to Apple for use in its iPhone products.

As the Gulf oil spill continues to make headlines, consumers are invited to vent their frustrations creatively, says the mobile applications developer, taking charge of the oil tankers themselves.

As BP logos launch from tankers, you can try to contain and blow up each BP logo upon lift-off.

You get points for each successful hit as each BP Logo gets blown up as quickly as possible. Containment is key, so to speak, as users cannot allow BP to hit the top of the screen.

Preview BP Blaster.

In the interest of full disclosure: I use BP gas, since those stations are convenient for me on my long commute, and I think this is a hoot.