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TalkSport Chooses Glensound

Company to provide announcer audio equipment to be used for Premier League soccer games

U.K. sports radio station talkSport is leaning on Glensound for the development of a new play-by-play and color commentary infrastructure.

This after the broadcaster announced that it had signed a deal with the Premier League for an exclusive package of international audio broadcasting rights for the next four soccer seasons.

According to the deal, talkSport will broadcast commentary on all 380 Premier League games each year to soccer fans across the world in multiple languages including English, Spanish and Mandarin.

This extensive play-by-play and commentary needs required investment in a completely new announcer system so Peter Ockelford, senior station engineer at talkSport, approached Glensound with a brief for the development of the new announcer infrastructure. The firm thus developed three products to meet the commitments of providing audio coverage for the Premiership League — the Fader 3, the Fader 6 and the GS-FW029.

The talkSport commentary required over 30 commentary mixers — 25 x 3 channel versions (Fader 3) and six x 6 channel versions (Fader 6), says Glensound. These mixers use Penny and Giles 60 mm faders, giving level control to the operators, while each commentator also has independent monitoring of two external sources. Most games will use the Fader 3 units, with the Fader 6 units adding the flexibility for up to six contributors on a single program.

The Glensound mixers all link back to four custom-designed production talkback and monitoring units, the GS-FW029. This, the company notes, allows talkback to 10 separate announcer locations, with selectable input monitoring from 12 sources.