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Tampa Translator Sold to Beasley for $125,000

Signal in question had been involved in earlier dustup

Translator activity continues apace.

The latest example is the purchase of W276CX in New Port Richey, Fla., in the Tampa market. According to Bob Heymann of the Chicago office of Media Services Group, who served as exclusive broker, Beasley Media is purchasing the FM translator from Cornerstone Community Radio Inc., a Florida not-for-profit, with a purchase price of $125,000.

The translator CP, at 103.1 MHz, is currently associated with Cox station WDUV as its primary.

The translator had been involved in an earlier dispute involving iHeartRadio (Citicasters), which tried to block a change in the translator’s primary assignment. This was a rather complex legal disagreement involving the original plans for the translator; discussions by both parties with Educational Media Foundation; the sale of the tower in question by iHeart to Vertical Bridge; and other factors. (The FCC summary is here; Cornerstone’s arguments and timeline are laid out here.) But in the end the FCC rejected that appeal.