Tannoy Debuts Active Subwoofers

Tannoy Debuts Active Subwoofers
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The Tannoy TS8 and TS10 are compact active subwoofers targeted at studio monitoring and playback of multichannel recordings. They are less than one cubic foot in size.
The TS8 is a closed box design with a down-firing 8 inch drive unit driven by a 200-watt RMS amp. Low frequency output is -6 dB and it operates down to 32 Hz.
The TS-10 has a down-firing 10 inch drive unit driven by a 300-watt RMS amp.
Other features of both active subwoofers include an auto power on and sleep function. The sleep function puts the system into a "standby" mode if no signal is detected for about 12 minutes. Circuitry is fitted to limit the maximum sound output to eliminate audible distortion. A gain control adjusts output level and a phase control permits more precise matching with the room and the rest of the system.
Info: www.tannoy.com.