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TAP Goes Solid

Data to be available on solid-state hard drives

RF pattern measurement software developer SoftWright has announced that it will be making data packages for its Terrain Analysis Program available via solid-state external drives.

The company explains, “Solid state drives (SSDs) provide faster data access and significant time savings compared to rotating media hard disk drives (HDDs). This is great news for customers interested in reducing the time it takes to complete large, high-resolution coverage studies.”

SoftWright has conducted comparative tests processing the same large file with different hard drive designs. The results:

USB 2.0 Rotating HDD: 45 min USB 3.0 Rotating HDD: 22.5 min USB 2.0 SSD: 10 min USB 3.0 SSD: 6.5 min

SoftWright says: “Although your results may vary, it is clear that making use of USB 3.0 SSD data access may significantly reduce the time to execute large coverage studies. The larger the study, the more time savings that may be gained by upgrading to SSD technology.”