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TAP Seminar in Louisville

Bluegrass engineers be ready for Sept. 24–25

Users of Softwright’s Terrain Analysis Package will have a chance to learn the nuts and bolts, have questions answered or receive hands-on training with a seminar scheduled for Sept. 24–25 in Louisville, Ky.

The TAP seminar is a two-day event of “RF engineering instruction on how to design both coverage and path studies for VHF/UHF, paging, land mobile, PCS, cellular, SCADA, microwave and FM/TV broadcast transmitting facilities, and intermodulation prediction and treatment,” according to a release.

In addition, “In the sessions, you will operate the Terrain Analysis Package RF system design software to solve numerous RF related problems. There is also a strong emphasis on how to formulate necessary engineering judgments in order to successfully design reliable RF systems.”

The seminar will be taught by Todd Summers, Ph.D., of Softwright. The company says that Louisville is within driving range of metropolitan areas such as Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Nashville and St. Louis. Price: $1,300, though there are discounts available.

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