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TargetSpot Signs Three

Aupeo, Digitally Imported and Musicovery added to online ad distributor

Online audio ad provider TargetSpot says that three Internet audio-radio/personal music service providers, Aupeo, Digitally Imported and Musicovery, have signed up with the service to provide streamed ads at select service levels.

TargetSpot CEO Eyal Goldwerger said: “As consumers’ listening habits dramatically shift online, they are enjoying a variety of stations throughout the day, and advertisers face the ongoing challenge of trying to reach an increasingly fragmented audience… With TargetSpot’s widening network of distribution partners, advertisers can reach their desired target audiences whatever their listening preferences may be.”

Musicovery is a “mood-based” music service. Digitally Imported features electronic and dance music. Aupeo is a wide-ranging music service. All three services also offer mobile apps as well.

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