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Tascam’s VL-S21 Speaker System Features NXT Driver

Tascam's VL-S21 Speaker System Features NXT Driver

Tascam debuted its VL-S21 monitoring system, a satellite speaker system that pairs two thin speakers with a powered subwoofer for home recording and multimedia use. The left and right speakers use NXT technology, which the company says provides wider dispersion, more uniform frequency response and reduced room interaction than traditional technologies.
TheVL-S21 ported subwoofer provides 5 W of power to each speaker and 15 W to the subwoofer. The left and right speakers use NXT technology drivers, which employ a single driver to cover a wide frequency range. The company says the phase cancellation that occurs when using multiple drivers and crossovers is eliminated.
“Studios keep getting smaller,” said Jim Bailey, product development manager for Tascam. “It’s possible to record and mix a studio-quality album on a laptop computer, and customers are demanding studio setups that don’t fill a spare bedroom. The VL-S21, with its NXT driver technology, gives you mix-quality performance from a speaker thin enough to nearly disappear on your desktop.”