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Tate: Life Has Prepared Me for FCC Job

Tate: Life Has Prepared Me for FCC Job

Deborah Tate says if nominated to the FCC as a commissioner, she would bring a spirit of consensus and bi-partisanship to the agency. The 6th generation Tennessean told members of the Senate Commerce Committee during a confirmation hearing, “I will work to be a voice for families and consumers on the commission.
“In many ways, I feel that my entire life has been spent in preparation for this job,” she said. “Having spent most of my professional life in the public sector, as a gubernatorial aide for two different governors, head of a state administrative agency, and, most recently, as chairman and director of the Tennessee Regulatory Authority, I believe I bring the talent and energy necessary to succeed as a commissioner at the FCC.”
Senator Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., has known Tate since he was governor of that state and testified Tate’s broad background and experience would be an asset at the FCC.
FCC Commissioner Michael Copps has been re-nominated to the agency and appeared. “The sobering part of being a commissioner is that the office is a high public trust,” Copps said. “A lot rides on how we perform, and we need always to remember that communications is the business of every American and every American is affected by what the commission does.”
The nominations are out of committee and on the voting calendar of the full Senate.