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Taylor Is Clay Freinwald’s ‘Transmitter Dog’

Good thing she loves snow!

I received several responses to my story last time about “transmitter dogs,” well-loved companions who accompany many engineers on their rounds to transmitter sites. Thank you, and keep those letters coming.

Clay Freinwald wrote to me about Taylor. She’s a big girl for a Yorkie, weighing in at 20 pounds.

“All I have to do is mention Tiger Mountain,” says Clay, referring to the RF site east of Seattle, “and she is waiting by the door, ready to go.”

There’s a bed for Taylor under his desk at the Tiger Mountain site; when Taylor sees snow on the way up the mountain, she’s very happy, he reports.

Clay won Radio World’s Excellence in Engineering Award in 2007. Formerly RF systems engineer for Entercom in Seattle, now he’s a contract engineer working on their RF systems and spends time working on Washington State University’s FM transmission facilities. He is SECC Chair for Washington State (EAS) and a member of the SBE EAS Committee.

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