Taylor Named New NJBA Chair

2013–14 NJBA officers also installed
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Scott Taylor of Zarephath, N.J.’s WAWZ(FM) was sworn in as the new New Jersey Broadcasters Association chairman aside other new NJBA officers and board members for 2013–2014.

Also installed were: Vice Chairman Greg Janoff, Vice Chairman Dave Coskey, Secretary/Treasurer Phil Boyce; At Large board members: Robert McAllan, Bob Dunphy, Charles McCreery, Jeff Warshaw, Deon Levingston (NYSBA Chairman); Affiliate/Life Members: Pat Delsi, Bill Saurer, Joe Bilotta, Andy Santoro, Jr, Elizabeth Christopherson, Art Camiolo (Philadelphia Affiliate), John Mozes (public/educational member), Dan Spears (associate member representative), Dick Swetits (engineering representative); Board Counsel: John Garziglia; and Pension Advisor: Michael Welger.

Gordon Borrell and Rick Greenhut made presentations to the board and the Salvation Army thanked the board for supporting its program to help Sandy victims.