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TBK, TI Deliver Quad-Band Eureka-147 DAB Module

TBK, TI Deliver Quad-Band Eureka-147 DAB Module

South Korean manufacturer TBK Electronics has developed a module for Eureka-147 digital radio that features reception for four radio bands, AM, FM and two digital frequencies. The new quad-band module, driven by digital baseband technology from Texas Instruments, enables the creation of radios that will receive analog AM/FM, plus DAB’s Band 3 and L-Band.
TBK also has production-ready tri-band modules, with FM, Band 3 and L-band. South Korean-based LG Electronics will use TBK’s new modules in Eureka-147 radios.
“The new modules will allow us to quickly enter the market and be immediately competitive, with products that support every radio band for any country currently with DAB,” said Mr. Sung K.H., senior engineer and chief of the Micro Audio group at LG.
The TBK modules are based on TI’s TMS320DRE200 digital signal processor (DSP)-based digital baseband that provides the digital signal processing necessary for filtering and decoding digital radio broadcasts.
The TBK quad- and tri-band Eureka-147 DAB modules are available in production quantities. LG plans to have its first products based on the TBK modules available later this year.