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TCI Acquires Tower Data of Kline Towers

Tower company says acquisition of drawing portfolio will help it serve owners of those structures

Tower Consultants Inc. acquired exclusive rights to the Kline Towers drawing portfolio.

TCI was founded in 2005 by President Jean-Alain Lecordier, former VP of engineering at Kline Towers, who was with that company for 18 years, and CEO Greg Kelish, former VP of operations at Spectrasite Broadcast Group. TCI said the pair has completed more than 500 tower projects between them.

The tower engineering and turnkey project supplier stated, “Kline Towers, started in 1953 by Kline Iron & Steel, of Columbia, S.C., had the reputation as one of the best tall tower providers in the USA. … TCI engineers have firsthand knowledge of Kline Towers, having been prior employees of Kline Towers.”

Lecordier said the acquisition of the portfolio “gives us an opportunity to provide current Kline Towers owners with an extensive range of services from structural analysis and tower modifications, to any maintenance issue a tower owner may face.”

The company is based in Columbia, S.C., and has offices in Seattle and Dallas. It acquired the drawing portfolio from Liberty Industries L.C. Terms were not disclosed. Kline itself was acquired by Dielectric five years ago.