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TDF Selects 2wcom

French transmission provider employs FlexDSR technology for radio switchover to DVB-S2

French transmission provider TDF recently launched its new DVB-S2 distribution system for radio services with a revamped infrastructure based on 2wcom’s FlexDSR DVB satellite receiver.

According to 2wcom, more than 1,700 FlexDSR02/04+ units have been installed at TDF’s broadcast center and at transmitter sites across France. TDF’s DVB-S2 service replaces the previous infrastructure and delivers dozens of channels for TDF customer networks. Handling TDF’s uplink and downlink, the modular FlexDSR units can be configured with different channel capacities and various encoders.

In the case of input failure, the FlexDSR platform in use at TDF provides support for multiple backup sources from satellite with IP-backup via UDP or Icecast, and through playing direct from FlexDSR’s internal memory or from another ASI input. The system also allows for TDF to use regionalized commercial and program content insertion, while the 2wcom SIRC (satellite in-band remote control) function permits TDF to manage remote control and content distribution at any transmitter site over satellite bandwidth.

“Thanks to the cooperation between TDF and 2wcom over the last months, we have managed to bring the FM broadcast up to a much higher level by saving satellite bandwidth thanks to DVB-S2 and by addressing customers’ needs in terms of regional customization and advertising.” said Constant Roffey, head-end buyer for TDF.

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