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Tech Radio Show Uses Live Video Web Conferencing

Tech Radio Show Uses Live Video Web Conferencing

Clear Channel is highlighting a radio talk show originating from Houston that it believes is the first such program to use live video web conferencing to interact with listeners.
“The High-Tech Texan Show” with Michael Garfield is showcasing an alliance between the show and
“Instead of just talking about new gadgets, I can show them live to listeners while they watch via the web,” Garfield stated. “And since this technology can also be used as a two-way videoconference, I can open up the show to new concepts.”
Listeners can see his guests using the technology, and he can hold contests in which listeners call him and have to see something he’s holding up to the camera to win.
Users need a Macromedia Flash 7.0 browser plug-in to access the Web site to begin meeting with others. Since this is a browser-based product, according to the firm, no software is needed to download.

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