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Technical Consultant ‘Bix’ Bixby Dies

Technical Consultant 'Bix' Bixby Dies

Jeffrey Bixby is being remembered in a Friday memorial service.
Known as “Bix,” the consulting engineer was 61. During his career he built or repaired antenna systems like those at KDKA, WBT, WGBS, WINS and WIND.
He died of cancer last Saturday, according to his family. He had worked over the years for John H. Mullaney & Associates, Collins Broadcast Products Group, Rockwell International and his own firm.
He joined A.D. Ring & Associates in 1983; later, for 13 years he was an engineering manager and safety director with Moffet, Larson and Johnson. He worked as senior DOE with Tracy Corp. and was a consultant with Denny & Associates. He was most recently president of his firm BixTech in Pennsylvania.
He is survived by his wife and a sister.