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Ted Gladis, Superior Electric Salesman, Retires

Ted Gladis, who has spent his entire 38 year career with Superior Electric retired before the end of 2015.

Ted GladisTed Gladis, who has spent his entire 38 year career with Superior Electric, a manufacturer of voltage and power control and conditioning equipment founded in 1938 and is owned by Danaher Specialty Products, retired before the end of 2015. For about the last 20 years Gladis has worked in broadcast and technical sales for Superior Electric, but he got his start with the company in 1977 working on the factory floor. From there he worked up to the upfront and applications area, and then on to his current sales position. And now he is ready to call it a career.

“It’s a good time in my life,” said Gladis. “I’ve reached the age of 62. Financially I’m okay. The kids are out of the house and not at school. The home’s paid for. And more importantly, I have my health and I want to be able to utilize my good health and do the things I always dreamed of doing outside of work.”

Among those dreams for Gladis are golf, cooking and traveling with his wife.

In all of those years at Superior Electrics, Gladis says his proudest accomplishment is the personal relationships that he has established with customers and other members of the broadcast industry. He also counts himself fortunate for having been able to see firsthand the evolution of communication.

“When I started out there was no email, there was no Twitter, there was no Google,” he said. “Seeing the evolution of email, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Facebook… it’s been quite unique that I’ve been able to see both from an advertising venue as well as a marketing venue the evolution of how we communicate to our targeted audiences and the vehicles and avenues we have been afforded to us and have changed in more than 38 years.”

But even with all that, Gladis hopes “the people of today realize and don’t lose the ability to establish the personal relationship.”

Gladis’ last day at Superior Electric was Wednesday, Dec. 23.