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Teens Stream More Than Listen to AM/FM

Edison’s Larry Rosin says findings “could be a lens into the future of audio usage”

U.S. teens now spend more time with streaming audio like Pandora and Spotify, than they do listening to AM/FM. That’s according to the latest Share of Ear study from Edison Research.

A quick graph from the study shows teens age 13 to 17 spend an average of 64 minutes a day with streaming audio, compared to 53 minutes a day listening to AM/FM, both over-the-air and the online streams of AM/FM stations.

“While AM/FM radio listening leads by a significant margin among all other age groups, much of teens’ listening time has shifted to pureplay Internet audio services like Pandora and Spotify and others,” said Edison Research President Larry Rosin. “This could be a lens into the future of audio usage.”

The findings mark the first public release from the fall study, a twice-yearly tracking of forms of audio, including AM/FM radio, streaming audio, owned music, podcasts, SiriusXM satellite radio, TV “cable radio” channels and others.

The study included 2,000+ Americans age 13 and older; they completed a 24-hour diary of audio listening on an assigned day.

The diaries were completed online last fall in English and in Spanish.