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Tele-Link Expands With Spread-Spectrum

Tele-Link Expands With Spread-Spectrum

Energy-Onix Broadcast Equipment Co. is expanding the capabilities of its Tele-Link line.
Initially launched as an Internet STL system, the product now also can be operated on an intranet via a spread-spectrum link where a station has line-of-sight to the destination – useful for remote pickup operations.
When so configured, each terminal contains a transceiver that permits the operator to achieve a T-1 connection between studio and transmitter sites. This approach involves no monthly service charge.
“One advantage is that it is a duplex system,” said Bernie Wise, president of the company. “Since the transmitter site is normally at a very high elevation, it is possible to extend the service area for remote pickup by sending the remote signal to the transmitter site and this program is then returned to the studio for production, processing etc.
“It can be fed back with a full 22 kHz response using the spread-spectrum terminals that have been installed at the Tele-Link ends,” said Wise.
“We are using this system at a distance of 10 to 15 miles, but by investigating the data, we find that it should be possible to go as far as 40 to 50 miles.” Spread-spectrum hardware adds about $1,250 to the cost of a terminal.
Also available is a remote control system that can be used with Tele-Link. The user at the studio can operate eight relays at the transmitter site and receive five analog meter readings back.