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Teleport and Satellite Cybersecurity Guide Released

Facilities are vulnerable to inside and outside attacks

The World Teleport Association has released a security report, “Cybersecurity for Teleport and Satellite Operations.” It is aimed at teleport and satellite communications operators and professionals.

A release explains, “It identifies the major risks, assesses how well the industry believes it is coping with them, and identifies best practices in securing the digital and physical infrastructure of the teleport.”

It notes, “Teleport and satellite operators are delivering services in a global economy where cybersecurity breaches and hacker attacks are accelerating at a great rate, with 94% of all organizations reporting that they had a security breach in the last 12 months.”

WTA Executive Director Robert Bell said, “Today’s teleport is a data center with antennas, and both large and small operators have to develop an approach to cybersecurity that is appropriate, not only to the threats they face, but to the concerns of their customers and the resources they can bring to the problem. Whether the adversary is a hacker or an employee who gives away a password by mistake, constant vigilance has become the new requirement.