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Telos ProFiler Chosen for Secure Logging App

Telos ProFiler Chosen for Secure Logging App

From the Who’s Buying What page of Radio World:
Telos Systems said Gary Blau, DOE of Jefferson-Pilot’s Miami stations, is using its ProFiler at sports station WAXY(AM) in a unique way.
It said when the cluster changed programming brokerage agreements and formats, it needed to create continuous program recording for later re-use, but that this content had to be segregated and secured from its other stations’ networks. The ProFiler allows password-protected access to archived audio to remote users via LAN, WAN or Internet.
Blau told the supplier, “We needed to keep this ‘logger’ off our house LAN and give access to it to non-employees – the LMA operators – whose computers live on a totally separate network.”
The product’s logging options include continuous archival storage of program material, recording only when talent mics are open or recording only when talent mics are closed.
The package includes a professional audio card. Retail price is $595 per stereo stream.
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