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Telos Updates Xstream Software

Telos Updates Xstream Software

Telos Systems is out with updated software for its Zephyr Xstream ISDN broadcast codecs. Xstream 1.5.5 software can be downloaded using an FTP connection with Xstream’s update function.
Xstream 1.5.5 uses Fraunhofer’s latest coding: high-quality MPEG-AAC and Low-Delay MPEG AAC-LD.
It also has a Layer-3 Dual Decoder Mode, which allows reception of two independent mono Layer-3 streams from codecs at 56 or 64 kbps.
End-to-end ancillary data support comes with the software. Eight bidirectional contact closures and serial data transmission are available in the MPEG-3 and MPEG-AAC / AAC-LD modes, as well as Layer-2 mono and half modes (64 kbps).
Features include a local control option with “Panic Dial” ability, consumer or professional output line-levels in models with built-in stereo mixers and MPEG-2 support transmission for audio at 32 kHz.
The software can be downloaded at The company suggests customers contact Telos tech support first.