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Telos Upgrades Zephyr Xstream Software

Telos Upgrades Zephyr Xstream Software

Telos Xstream Version 1.5.5 software can be downloaded and installed automatically via FTP connection with the Zephyr Xstream’s built-in update function. The upgrade, which is available now, provides such enhancements as an exclusive Layer-3 dual decoder mode, end-to-end ancillary date support, eight bi-directional contact closures and serial data transmission available in MPEG Layer-3 and MPEG-AAC/AAC-LD modes. All models featuring built-in stereo mixers have a choice between consumer and professional output line-levels.
Before updating, users should contact Telos Systems’ tech support.
For more information, contact the company in Ohio at (216) 241-7225; or visit