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Teracom and GSS Enable Early Warning System

FM band in Sweden tested for emergency alert warning system use

Swedish broadcast transmission company Teracom and emergency message equipment maker Global Security Systems are testing GSS’ Alert FM early warning system in selected areas in Sweden.

The system allows emergency alarms carried over the FM network to be filtered so that people in an emergency area can receive different alarms depending on, for example, location, function, and level of emergency.

Furthermore, in cooperation with Swedish Axentia and Focus Business Consulting, GSS in now in the final stage of enabling the alarm function on Android-based smartphones. The system is already available on in-home receivers and small portable receivers.

“The benefit of FM radio is that when other networks get overloaded or run into other difficulties, the FM network will remain operational. The Swedish FM network also has superior coverage,” said Per Gunnarsson Borgå, product manager Radio, Teracom Group. “Offering more sophisticated emergency alarm capabilities is an important part of Teracom´s service offering.”