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Terrestrial Radio Comes Closer to Blackberry Thanks to Mediaguide/Nobex Deal

The companies involved hope to add direct streaming in late summer.

Radio Companion is an app that allows BlackBerry smartphone users to track what’s playing on certain radio stations.

The application does not yet stream audio from stations directly to BlackBerry smartphones but the companies involved hope to add direct streaming in late summer.

Mediaguide and Nobex Technologies launched this free, downloadable application, which they say operates on several models including the Pearl, Curve and 8800 Series smartphones. They call it a “tool for music information and discovery.”

This appears to be a logical business extension for Mediaguide, which was formed in part by ASCAP and tracks airplay on 2,700 terrestrial stations. Mediaguide will allow Radio Companion users to see what’s playing. They can then choose a music track and have its details sent to their e-mail account, with a link to click through and purchase the song online.

“When you’re tuned in live to a station but don’t know the name of the specific song that’s playing, Radio Companion can tell you in an instant,” said Nobex CEO Gadi Mazor. Nobex launched last year and is headed by the founders of Onset Technology, developer of METAmessage and an application developer for BlackBerry and other smartphones.

Mediaguide CEO Steve Lubin says Radio Companion benefits people who want to keep in touch with a hometown or college station.

Users must their BlackBerry browser to the Nobex site and click a link to download. During set-up users are prompted to select favorite stations by scrolling through a list of cities and picking their stations. After setup, users click on a station name to see what’s playing. Radio Companion displays song title and artist, as well as a thumbnail graphic of the album or artist. They can scroll backwards to view previous songs and artists on the station playlist.