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Texas Instruments Ships Software Development Kit

Reason #375643 why radio broadcasters need to pay attention to the Internet and other digital devices

Texas Instruments, chip maker extraordinaire, released a software development kit for networked audio for its DA8x Aureus line of audio processors.

In English it means aiding in designing capabilities and features for TI chips that go into things like AV receivers, radios and “connected audio products.” The announcement is part of the onslaught of consumer electronics and tech news coming out of the CES convention.

Some of the listed features of the “networked audio” SDK include simplifying Internet radio and other online music services interaction, improving streamed audio performance of all types, upgrading wireless performance, support for USB-fed audio (e.g. MP3 players), all sorts of fancy-schmancy consumer device networking protocols and more.

The takeaway: “Audio everywhere” is coming. Radio broadcasters can be aboard the train or get run over by it …