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TFT RPU Meets New Channel Assignments

TFT RPU Meets New Channel Assignments

This spring TFT announced the reintroduction of its 8888 and 8889 Remote Pick Up equipment to comply with new FCC channel assignments.
The 8888 Transmitter and the 8889 Receiver were two of the first frequency-synthesized units that also featured DTMF control of frequency and bandwidth. A touch-tone telephone plugged into the transmitter can switch the receiver remotely between two preprogrammed frequencies and select three bandwidths. TFT has upgraded the units to meet the FCC Part 74 requirement for carriers on 3.125 kHz spacings.
The transmitter has three audio inputs, three selectable RF output power levels, external processor patching and a test-tone oscillator. The receiver, frequency-agile like the transmitter, has selectable IF bandwidth, a security command feature, DTMF and a repeater transmitter enable circuit.