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Thanks to Our Unsung Heroes

A note of appreciation from June Fox

As we head into the holidays, this hearty “thank you!” to radio engineers is appropriate.

June Fox, director of station relations for the Development Exchange Inc., public radio’s fundraising and marketing service organization, appreciates engineers. She recently penned a tribute in a public radio programming listserv to thank all the technical folks who keep the stations running over the holidays.

It’s called “Thanks to our Unsung Heroes,” reprinted here with permission.

While many of us are getting ready for a long [period of] time off with our family and friends, there are members of our team who, undoubtedly, will be called away from the dinner table to do what they do best.

I’m talking about our engineers.

24/7/365, our engineers are on call. They keep our transmitters humming, our studios in top shape and countless other pieces of equipment working.

They are on call when we are sleeping, doing whatever it takes to get to the tops of mountains, the middle of fields, and on rooftops around the country. They do it in snow, sleet, rain, and blazing sun… and they do it happily.

Without our engineers, we wouldn’t have radio stations.

So please remember to say “thank you” to your engineer. Appreciate the work they do and sing their praises to everyone who will listen.

They deserve it!