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The Basics of FM IBOC Measurement Techniques

Greg Best gives tutorial on FM IBOC emission mask compliance measurement at the IEEE

Here are some quick tips from Greg Best of Greg Best Consulting on FM IBOC emission mask compliance measurement, whether you’re transmitting HD Radio with symetrical, or, someday, asymmetrical, sidebands.

Emission mask compliance measurement has six basic steps:

  • • Ensure enough dynamic range and proper test equipment setup
  • • Configure/optimize the transmitter and measure analog power and IBOC level
  • • Define measurement points and bandwidths
  • • Record data at each point
  • • Apply any correction factors necessary
  • • Compare emission measurements to FCC/NRSC emission mask

Best also discussed tips for optimum spectrum analyzer setup.

Best spoke at the IEEE Broadcast Symposium taking place in the Washington, D.C. area, which I’m attending this week.