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The Biff Chooses ENCO

Michigan high school radio station goes pro

L-R, Andrew Brown, Operations Manager and Harrison Parker, Administrative Assistant, Students; and Ronald Wittebols,
Assistant Station Manager and Technical Director

WBFH(FM) is a high school radio station based at Bloomfield Hills High School in Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

An award-winning mostly student-run station, it considers itself practically a professional operation and therefore when it came time to choose an automation system, it chose something above a freebie or low-end system.

ENCO’s well-known DAD system was chosen by the station. Assistant Manager/Technical Director Ron Wittebols explained: “We needed something that was simple graphically to streamline our educational process, but powerful internally. We can teach the basics of ENCO DAD and have elementary, middle school and high school students running it within 10 minutes. Yet, DAD offers a very rich and immersive platform that every user can continually learn from. We continually discover new things we can do with the system.”