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The Duke Bids Adieu

ESPN Radio’s Dan Davis retires

Dan “The Duke” Davis, who has spent the last 20 or so years at ESPN Radio, signed off Friday afternoon for the last time.

Davis is an “original” ESPN Radio talent, having started when the sports radio service started in January 1992.

Davis began his broadcasting career in 1962 at WEMJ(AM) in Laconia, N.H. Early in that career he did much of the standard radio broadcast career: DJ, news, etc. But it didn’t take The Duke long to focus on sports.

Since then he has covered pro and college football and basketball, pro baseball, golf, tennis and hockey along with major events like the Kentucky Derby and the Olympics. He is most known as the announcing voice behind the video of Doug Flutie’s famous “Hail Mary” pass against the University of Miami in 1984.

In a release, Davis said of the job he’s enjoyed for decades, “Hard to claim what I’ve done for years qualifies as ‘work.’” Singing his praises was a litany of ESPN talents including Colin Cowherd and former ESPNer Mike Tirico.