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The Economist Takes Note of DRM

Not digital rights management, but Digital Radio Mondiale.

Not digital rights management, but Digital Radio Mondiale.

The Economist’s “Technology Monitor” column gave a quick, non-technical overview of the technology — “How broadcasters plan to hop, skip and jump around the world with long-range digital radio” — and pondered the future for digital shortwave:

“Of course, DRM faces a lot of competition. Stations from around the globe can be heard on the Internet — where Radio Luxembourg, hedging its bets, has already begun broadcasting. Radio can be picked up on mobile phones,” it reported. “And satellite radio can reach remote places as easily (though not as cheaply) as DRM does. Nevertheless, there is something appealing about the idea of a global radio station with a single terrestrial transmitter. The roar of Grand Fenwick will be heard across the planet. It remains only to see if the planet wants to listen.”