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The Greying Pubcast Audience Examined

The oldest boomers turn 64 in 2010; what's the implication for public radio?

Garrison Keillor, who does his show in front of a live audience, has observed that each year he sees more balding grey heads out there.

Yet if Terry Gross, Robert Siegel, Scott Simon or Tom and Ray Magliozzi could have seen their listeners over the years, they would have observed the same process. The public radio audience continues to age.

The non-com audience has long been dominated by baby boomers; the oldest in that category turns 64 on Jan. 1, 2010.

In “The Aging Public Radio Audience,” Dr. George Bailey of Walrus Research examines the rate at which the public radio audience is getting older, how the aging differs by format and the implications for future audience growth and fundraising.