The John Gambling Era in New York Will End

Morning host will retire
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John R. Gambling will ramble no more, at least on the airwaves. He’ll retire near the end of December, bringing an end to three generations of John Gamblings on the air in New York City.

Gambling is currently host of WOR(AM)’s morning show, “The John Gambling Show.”

The history of the family goes back to the dinosaur days of radio — 1925 to be exact. That year John A. Gambling began “Rambling With Gambling,” mornings on WOR. He helmed the show until 1959 when his son John B. Gambling took the reins.

John R. joined his father, John B., in 1985 and co-hosted until 1991, when John B. retired and John R. soloed. That lasted until 2000 and John R. was recruited to WABC. The “Rambling With Gambling” title did not follow. Gambling returned to WOR and the morning slot in 2008 but did not resurrect the name.

Gambling said, “Each day, to watch the greatest city on Earth from behind the microphone has been a thrill and I’ve been blessed with an audience that has been loyal and engaging. To say it has been exciting doesn’t come close to the joy I have had.”


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